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Infertilers is a single page web app. It is built with Bootstrap and Jquery. The purpose of this project is to give a website a feeling and look of a native Android or IOS app.

The big advantage of a SPA web app is that it can greatly decrease server loads by caching data on the client browsers. By caching data properly on the clients, the app does not have retrieve the same data each time when it is needed. If the data is cached, the app only needs to get the data on the local and displays on the client immediately.

Another advantage is to fully trace user activities in a streamline. From the very first of opening the app to logout, the app can monitor each clicks and taps of a user and check against the app rules to see if there is any dangerous or unwanted behavior from the current user. Also we can collect these data for analyzing user preferences which will help us optimize the app.

Currently Infertilers is under the beta development. I will release the code very soon. Now you can check the online demo at infertility dating

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